iCona in Cortona ONTHEMOVE2015

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On the basis of Flaneur initial idea, the city of Rome offers a unique scenario to think about image production/creation, use and consumption.

The main tourist attraction in Rome is image contemplation (paintings, sculpture, buildings or monuments). Icons once created with propaganda purposes, mainly religious. Amengual, like any another tourist, slips through these monuments to take photos of the interaction between visitors and iconic works. Thus, with his camera he turns the anonymous tourist into the artwork, through a tenebrist aesthetic remaining the baroque period.

I-cona comes from the word Icon, referring to the most popular XXI century technological devices used in the production and dissemination of images through internet. At the same time, the letter I refers to the personal pronoun, a reflex of the prevailing nihilism in our culture, with the selfie as its top visual representation, and the selfie-stick as our best friend.